Introduction acknowledges the value of the safety of its users as well as the security of the information generated by its users as the responsible data controller and data processor.

This Privacy Policy lays out the practises for managing and protecting the Personal Details of the Customer (as described below) by us and its subsidiaries and affiliates.

This Privacy Policy extends to any person ("User") who purchases, plans to buy or inquires about any product(s) or service(s) made available to us via any of our Interactive Communication Networks, along with its website, mobile portal, mobile app & offline platforms, namely Customer Service Centers & Offices (collectively referred herein as "Sales Channels").

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, wherever the meaning so needs, "you" or "your" means Consumer and the word "we" "us" "our" means Reservationdesk. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, Website means website(s), mobile site(s) and mobile applications (s).

Through using or viewing the Website or other Sales Outlets, the Customer hereby refers to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the information found therein. If you do not comply with this Privacy Policy, simply do not use or use our Website or other Sales Platforms.

This Privacy Policy does not extend to any third party website(s), mobile websites or mobile applications, even though their websites/products are connected to our website. Users should remember that the details and privacy policies of our corporate partners, advertisers, supporters or other places to which Reservationdesk offers hyperlinks could be materially different from those of this Privacy Policy. It is also advised that you check the privacy statements and practises of every third party with which they communicate.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of your Terms & Conditions arrangement with us and all the capitalised terms used, and not otherwise specified herein, shall have the respective definitions given to them in the Terms & Conditions.

Information Processed

Please be aware that the information exchanged with us are primarily approved in USA and other jurisdictions where a third party retained by us may process data on our behalf. By subscribing to this Privacy Policy, you giving us your express permission to access your details for the purpose(s) set out in this Policy. The data privacy laws in USA or other jurisdictions listed above which vary from those in your country of residence.

If you have any questions about the processing of your data and want to revoke your permission, you can do so by writing to the following email id:

Although if such information processing is necessary for us to be able to offer service to you, we will not be able to serve or validate your travel arrangements following your withdrawal of permission, as such withdrawal may seriously impede our potential to support you properly and in that case, we will have to refuse to make a booking, or unsafely limit us to serve your booking (if a booking has already been made) which you have managed to make.

Information and its Legal Basis

The information given herein is obtained by us in order to be able to deliver the facilities and both to meet our legal responsibilities as well as our obligations to third parties in compliance with our Terms and Conditions.

'Personal Knowledge' of the User shall contain information exchanged by the User and obtained by us for the following purposes:

Registration on the Website: details you include when registering or logging on the Website, including, although not limited to, details regarding your personal identification such as name, sex, marital status, faith, age, etc., your contact details such as your e-mail address, postal address, frequent flyer code, telephone number (mobile or otherwise) and/or fax number. Data can also contain information such as your account data (including credit/debit card) and just about any other information relevant to you the financial history of your billing statements, etc (as shared by you).

Other records: some other information and documentation could also be obtained, including but not limited to:

Transactional history (other than banking details) of the e-commerce operations.

Your usernames, passwords, email addresses and other security-related material used by you in conjunction with our services.

Data that you or a third party have generated and that you would like to retain on our servers, such as image files, records, etc.

Data accessible in the public sphere or obtained from any third party, namely social media platforms, not all of which are limited to, private or non information from your related social media channels (such as your name, email address, friend list, profile pictures or any other information that may be obtained as per your account settings) as part of your account information.

Details relating to any other traveler(s) with whom you make a booking through your registered Reservationdesk account. In such a situation, you must clarify and reflect that one of the other travellers with and who a reservation has been made has decided to share the details that you have reported to us and to communicate this with the service provider concerned (s).

End Use of your Personal Information

The personal details gathered can be used in the following way:

When processing a reservation, we can use Private Information which include payment details that include cardholder name, credit/debit card number (encrypted form) with expiry date, bank details, wallet details, etc as shared and permitted to be stored by you. We can also use the traveller list details as available in or connected to your account. This detail is given to you at the time of making a booking so that you can conclude your travel arrangements easily.

The personally identifiable information gathered can be used in the following way:

When making a reservation, we can use Personal Details involving payment details that include cardholder name, credit/debit card number (encrypted form) with expiry date, bank details, wallet details, etc as shared and permitted to be preserved by you. We can also use the traveller list details as available in or connected to your account. This detail is given to you at the time of making a booking so that you can complete your travel arrangements easily.

We could also use your Confidential Data for a variety of reasons, not all of which are limited to:

Validate your arrangements to the relevant service providers;

Keep you aware of the status of the transaction;

Send confirmations of booking either via SMS or Whatsapp or some other messaging service;

Please submit any alerts or improvements to your booking(s);

Enable our customer service department to contact you, if necessary;

Configure the material of our website, mobile website and mobile app;

Ask for product or service feedback or some other improvement;

Send proof message(s) or e-mail(s);

Validate/authenticate your account to avoid the abuse or misuse of your account;

E - mail you for a great present or bid on your birthday or birthday.


Reservationdesk uses cookies to tailor the experience on the Website (not including the smartphone app(s) in this section) and the ads that might be shown. The use of cookies by Reservationdesk is identical to that of every other legitimate online organisation.

Cookies are tiny bits of information saved on the hard drive of your computer by your browser. Cookies help us to serve you more and more easily. Cookies also permit fast access, by logging in there without having to enter your user name at any time (only your password is required); we can also use such cookies to show any advertisement(s) or promotion to you whilst you are on the website or to give you a deal (or related emails – provided that you have not opted out of getting such emails based on locations that may be of importance to you.

We can also put a cookie on our advertisement servers or on any third-party advertising firm. These cookies are used for the purpose of monitoring the success of ads that we provide on every website and are used to gather aggregate information on your visits to the Website in order to include advertisements on the Site or any other website for products that might be of possible interest to you. Third-party advertisement agencies or marketers may often use technology that is used to assess the efficacy of advertising. All this material is anonymous. This anonymous knowledge is obtained by the use of a pixel marker, which is the industry standard technology used by all large websites. They could use this anonymous information regarding your visit to the Website to include advertising about products and services of potential interest to you. No other data is acquired during this process, with the exception of anonymous information.

Protection of your personal details

The website has tight security procedures in order to prevent the loss, abuse and manipulation of information under our supervision. Both purchases on the Web are safe. We provide the use of a safe server anytime you alter or update your account information. When the information is in our hands, we follow stringent protection protocols to protect it from unauthorised access.

Accessibility protection over your personal records

You can access your Personal Details from your Reservationdesk user account. Can can also update your Personal Information or remove certain information (with the exception of such mandatory fields) directly from your user account. If you don't have a user account like this, write to

We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy from time to time in order to conform with different regulatory, company and consumer requirements. The users will be properly informed when appropriate.